Logo of eLeW ein Land eine Welt, meaning one country one world   

Die andere Partei
is a political party, completely different to others in Germany

Schriftzug eLeW ein Land eine Welt
eLeW is the abbreviation of "ein Land eine Welt" - "one Country one World"

The eleW is interested in contacting similar political parties elsewhere or giving support to anyone planning to start a similar party or running a grassroots movement outside Germany (within our means).

Contact: huscholz att elew dot de

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The Program is taken from the UN-Resolution 217 A (II) "The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights" featuring all articles without exception but more than a just a party for human rights the eLeW forces basic democratic decision making.

The Aims:
1. Full employment
2. Education for everyone
3. Listening to the voice of the people
4. Reduction of public indebtedness
5. Cancellation of indebtedness for poor countries

The Statute
establishes enhanced democratic co-determination

The Approach:
Enforcement of the We against the Me
Recognition of efficiency
Reform of Politics vs. reforms through policies
Full employment
Support for small- and middle-size companies



Donations: The eleW doesn't accept any donations or grants.

Federations, Unions: The eLeW preserves its independence.

Mission: The eLeW takes party for the guilty nature (man) and the innocent nature (the rest).
Ideology: Working for the betterment of humanity is often compatible to the work of leftists. However, the eLeW, which is not driven by ideologies, tries to decide what would be right or wrong for society, and to do the right thing.

Fight: The eLeW fights violence, acting wrong, greed and "self-service".

Means: The Internet and Good Will.